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The search for estate agents Cardiff have for him

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he's going to Cardiff and speaking to estate agents already
A really good friend of mine is sadly moving away and has already been in touch with some of the estate agents Cardiff has to offer in his search for a new home. He’s been on about the move for ages but it seemed ages away until the last few months when he’s been talking houses and the real nitty gritty of the move.
It will be a really sad time when he does fly out and about the only thing I can say is a good thing is I have a place to stay in Wales whenever I want to visit. We have only another month or so before this happens and he flies out to Cardiff but before then a massive party is planned to give him a proper send off. Its all organised and should be epic there are about 40 of us all meeting up for a drink and the whole night is mapped out ending up at a club of a friend of ours for a bit of VIP action.
Cardiff looks cool though and I have already started planning my first visit I am hoping to save up and get across the pond at the start of next year straight after the new years celebrations are done. We have a tonne of stuff that we have agreed we want to do and Jamie should be settled in and know his way around a bit by the time I get there. I have always wanted to visit the UK and this gives me the perfect excuse to go and see what the place is all about. We will spend some time around Wales and also go to London for a few days so I am really looking forward to that bit.
He has already found his new house it looks really nice. It took a few Skype calls and plenty of effort given the distance but after a couple of weeks of searching managed to get a property to move into when he needs it. The job is all lined up too so it is really happening which is a bit weird.
Once he gets set up I think he plans to do some travelling before the job starts 4 weeks later so I am looking forward to getting the stories and experiences relayed to me. It will make my trip even more exciting as I will have a flavour of what to expect for my trip.
He has already spoken to all the estate agents Cardiff had to offer him and thanked the ones that helped and will be off soon on his new adventure.

I have just found a great free bets offer to use on the basketball

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Using free bets on the basketball play offs

Preseason free bets on the Celtics

I have just gone online to get a free bets offer to use on the Boston Celtics preseason friendly next Tuesday. I have followed the Celtics for years now and seen some great times and the not so good but I think we are going to have a good season this year. Season starts at the end of October against the Brooklyn Nets and I think we will be getting off to a winning start and have used some of the credit left in my free bets offer account on that one.

I would have free bets on the Celts not doing as well as us though

My own team had a cracking season last year and if the Celtics have part of the success we enjoyed it will have been a great season. We are first up against on of the team that went to the play offs last year. For those not versed with the game in Basketball you all play in pre play off leagues in either the Eastern or Western divisions, there are three in the east and three in the west. Two from each league go through into a knockout style play off’s culminating in the final and ultimate NBA champions.

Last year San Antonio Spurs were the champions and they won it at a canter but new season brings new challenges and you have to start the season positively no matter what. We play at the TD stadium and over the years the Celtics have dominated the play offs. We have been champions 17 times and I really hope they can get back to winning ways as its been a while since we saw this glory. You would have to go back to 2007 – 2008 for that but I am hoping 2014 – 2015 will be our year.

Our team would be a safer free bets prediction

The Celtics are big outsiders for the championship but I am happy to say my own team is a much better bet at the moment. We had a great season last year and now everyone is back at college and training hard again we hope to repeat the success of last year. My game has improved a lot since our new coach came on board two seasons ago and I am looking forward to getting another good season under my belt. I read in the news that it looks like GB Basketball funding will be back to the tune of nearly £500k which is great news for the sport and people like me that aspire to play for team GB one day. If you are thinking about catching any of the NBA games this season get online first and grab yourself a free bets deal so you can have a little something on the game which always adds to the excitement the Spurs are still a good bet this season and looked very good in the finals but with a new season always comes uncertainty so its a great time to back your team no matter what happened last time out. You can get free bets at

Awards plaques are all done

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all they needed were engraved plaques

Organising plaques for this years awards ceremony

I have to organise the plaques for the awards bash for this years Basketball team night. I try to help out as much as possible and offered to do this as part of the help needed to organise our yearly awards bash which is happening first week back at Uni. It may seem odd to do it at the start of the year but end of term is crazy busy and the coach says it always seems better to do it when its quieter for all and people haven’t got finals etc on their mind.
We always organise awards with plaques every year for us its a reminder of a great season (hopefully) and allows us to take something home to show the family that things are going great. This year I have had a good one and although I don’t know who has won what I do know I won something as there is a plaque ordered with my name on it (one of the perks of an organiser!). It would be amazing to get player of the season but I really don’t know yet more likely its for assists but I am super excited to know which trophy my plaques will go onto.

Cheap plaques and no time to do it

I had to go around a few of the local companies as I was on a super tight deadline and budget (never a great mix) so I had to play a few off against each other to get the price down and meet my budget for the 20 plaques I needed to get done in a fortnight. The guys we are using are great and have been really helpful in getting the job done for the right price and quickly.
Now I just have to pick them up next week and hopefully its mission accomplished for this one.

Plaques sorted now it is a waiting game

Now I have ordered the plaques I just have to wait an eternity to find out who wins what. We have a cracking bunch of lads in the team and everyone is in with a shout. Last season was a good year for the University and we managed to get to two finals winning one which is one of the Uni’s best years in terms of performance for the Basketball team. This year we are expecting another great season and this awards bash will kick off our season in style.
My suit os ordered and my parents have organised some transport as a treat for me and some of the guys and so all that is left is to wait now until the big night. I am really hopeful the plaques I ordered are a fitting start to this year and that mine is firmly fixed to player of the season but whatever happens I will over the moon to pick up one of the plaques for anything, you can get your trophy plaques from