About Me

Good old US of A
I am originally from the United States and moved to the UK about five years ago. I was brought up in the 818 which is an area of the United States called San Fernando Valley near and including parts of Los Angeles.
I still have lots of friends back home and keep in touch via Facebook, email and Skype. I do miss the endless sunshine and my friends but don’t miss the hassle and problems that went with the sunshine. I left five years ago and moved to Cornwall and I do love it here. People are really friendly and the accent is always a conversation starter for the locals and visitors to the area.
For fun
I love paying and watching sport and since coming the the UK I have started to surf and play a lot of football. I have started to support Southampton and go every other week to St Mary’s to watch the games. I have also got into surfing as I live near the beach and a couple of my friends are keen surfers and were always trying tog get me into the water to try it.
I am not the greatest on the beach but it is great fun and with the cold British weather the sea certainly invigorates you especially in the morning. When I am not surfing, socialising or Southamptoning (I know but I wanted that third S in) I have a little surf shop on the coast.
For money
The fun is not endless I still have to earn a living and I opened up a little surf and gift shop back two years ago to combine a hobby with some earning. The shop pays me a wage and it lets me meet people and talk about surfing so its a win win for me.